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These Website Standard Terms and Conditions written on this webpage shall manage your use of this website. These Terms will be applied fully and affect your use of this Website. By using this Website, you agree to accept all terms and conditions written here. PLEASE READ THIS PROVISION CAREFULLY. It is not obligated to use this Website if you disagree with any of these Website Standard Terms and Conditions.
These Rental Terms and Conditions, the rental document you receive when you are given access to the car you are renting (the “Rental Contract”) any additional agreement signed by you, any documents or agreements (or links to online documents or agreements) sent to you electronically in connection with your rental), the Privacy Notice, and the return receipt or record (the “Rental Receipt”) with computed rental charges together constitute the “Rental Agreement” between yourself and Dushirentalscuracao Car System.

You are renting the vehicle described in the Rental Contract from Dushirentalscuracao. Please be aware that this rental agreement constitutes a transfer of possession only and does not confer ownership of the vehicle to you.

By signing this Rental Agreement, you are accepting its terms, provided that any such term is not prohibited by the laws of the jurisdiction governing this rental. In the event of any conflict, the applicable law shall prevail.

In this agreement, “You” and “your” pertain to the individual signing this agreement, while “we,” “our,” and “us” refer to Dushirentalscuracao. Additionally, you acknowledge that you do not act as our agent for any purpose. Furthermore, you are not authorized to assign, delegate, or transfer your obligations under the Rental Agreement, or any specific part thereof

The minimum rental age is 21 years. If you are under 21, online payment, including Collision Damage Waiver (CDW), is mandatory. Additionally, a deposit may be necessary for rental approval if you do not meet the minimum age requirement of 21 years.

Prices displayed on our website include a 9% Curacao sales tax (OB). In cases where the sales tax is not included, it will be clearly indicated in your reservation. Please note that all our rental prices are based on a per-day (24-hour) basis.

In addition, You will also pay all applicable taxes on any additional charges provided on the Rental Agreement which are over and above the base rental rate. These may be surcharges and/or recovery fees to recover certain costs.

Our fuel policy stipulates that the vehicle will be provided with a specific fuel level and must be returned with an equivalent amount of fuel. If this requirement is not met, the renter agrees that Dushirentalscuracao may charge for the missing fuel. In line with this policy, a fee of $5 per liter will be applied for each liter of fuel shortage

At Dushirentalscuracao, we strive to provide clean vehicles for our customers. We kindly request that you return the vehicle in the same clean condition it was delivered to you. If for any reason, you anticipate returning the vehicle in a different condition, please ensure you discuss this with our representative upon delivery.

In cases where the vehicle is returned with evidence of wet seats, excessive sand, particularly beach sand, and/or signs of smoking, a cleaning fee of $150 will be applied to the rental.”

All vehicles provided by Dushirentalscuracao include basic third-party insurance. However, renters have the option to enhance their coverage with additional insurance options through our services.

a) Third-party car insurance typically provides liability coverage, shielding the insured driver from financial responsibility in the event of bodily injury or property damage caused to another party during an accident. This means that if the insured driver is deemed at fault in an accident, their insurance provider will handle the expenses related to the other party’s injuries or property damage, up to the specified policy limits. It’s important to note that third-party insurance does not extend coverage to the insured individual’s own injuries or vehicle damage; for such coverage, comprehensive or collision insurance would be required

b) At Dushirentalscuracao, we frequently provide an optional Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) insurance. CDW is an insurance coverage offered by our rental company that specifically addresses damages resulting from collisions involving the rental car. We offer the following three CDW options:

1. Premium Protection at $19 per day, reducing the renter’s financial responsibility for the rental to $0.

2. Intermediate Protection at $10 per day, with a financial responsibility of $400 per coverage.

3. Standard Protection at $6 per day, with a financial responsibility of $850 per coverage.

It’s essential to note that even if the renter selects one of our CDW coverage options, they must promptly contact Forensys at 199/005999747-1333 in the event of an accident or collision. Failure to report the incident to Forensys will render the CDW coverage invalid, and any resulting damages will not be covered under the CDW.

As the renter, you agree to return the vehicle to us in the same condition as it was received, with allowances for ordinary wear and tear, on the date, at the time, and to the specified location indicated in the Rental Contract. If we request an earlier return, you must comply.

Returning the vehicle earlier or later than specified may result in a different or higher rental rate. If the vehicle is returned later than agreed upon, you may also be subject to a late return fee. Please note that returning the car outside of the return location’s operating hours is not allowed unless explicitly permitted by that location. In such cases, your responsibility for any damage to or loss of the car will persist, and all charges listed on the Rental Contract as a periodic rate will continue to accrue until the return location reopens and we process the car’s return.

The late return fee is equivalent to an additional day’s rental charge, which may vary depending on the vehicle type, category, and rental duration.

At Dushirentalscuracao, we reserve the right to repossess the vehicle at our sole discretion for various reasons, including, but not limited to, instances where the vehicle is found illegally parked, being used for illegal activities, or in violation of the Rental Agreement terms. Additionally, repossession may occur if the vehicle appears to be abandoned.

You acknowledge that we are not required to provide advance notice of repossession and that we may take any reasonable actions necessary to regain possession of the vehicle. These actions may include remotely disabling the engine, locking the doors remotely, tracking the car’s location through GPS tracking devices, and utilizing any other connected devices affecting the car’s operation.

In the event of repossession, you agree to bear the actual and reasonable costs incurred by us to repossess the vehicle. These costs will be charged to the credit or debit card or account used for renting the vehicle.

In all cases, a cancellation fee may be applied to your reservation. If your reservation has not been paid for yet, there will be no cancellation fee. However, if payment has already been processed, the following conditions will apply:

To confirm your cancellation fee, please call us at 00 (5999) 690-5050.

Cancellation Fees for Prepaid Orders at Dushirentalscuracao:
 – Cancellation made more than 72 hours before the pick-up time: $50 cancellation fee.
 – Cancellation made within 72 hours of the pick-up time: $75 cancellation fee.
 – Cancellation made within 24 hours of the pick-up time: $100 cancellation fee.

If you need assistance with your cancellation, please contact us at info@dushirentalscuracao.com or call us at (+5999) 690-5050.

No-Show Policy: If you fail to cancel your reservation before the scheduled pick-up time, and the rental vehicle is not picked up on the reserved date, the entire prepaid amount will be forfeited.

Changing and Modifying Your Reservation: Please note that rental rates can change daily, so modifying your reservation by changing dates or the number of rental days may result in a change to the daily rate.

At Dushirentalscuracao, all our rental prices are in U.S. Dollars. The total amount of your charges will be converted to your card account’s billing currency by us, unless you have explicitly instructed us not to perform this conversion in your personal account profile or have submitted a written request in advance to have the currency conversion handled by your card issuer.
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